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Be Confident In Improving Employee Confidence

Published about 1 year ago by Mary Hendry
It’s understandable that employees may not feel confident in their abilities or may take a slight slip-up to the heart. For the employee, it might be difficult for them to up their confidence so there’s no harm in helping them. Here’s how you can be confident in improving empl... Read More →

Hold The Phone – Tips To Professional Phone Calls

Published about 1 year ago by Mary Hendry
Most of us will have handled at least one business call in our line of work. Answering calls in the workplace is slightly different to how you’d answer your personal mobile though. With these tips you can remain professional and efficient in handling business callers. Be Cheer... Read More →

The UK’s Growth In Employment

Published about 1 year ago by Mary Hendry
Over the past year, the UK has seen some great developments in employment thanks to a number of efforts from the government. Here’s what we are most excited about in the employment sector! Growth Of Real Wages & Female Employment It’s been announced that real wages are current... Read More →

Changing Your Career

Published about 1 year ago by Mary Hendry
It’s understandable that after committing yourself to pursuing a career, that you may find it’s not the career for you after all. Making a career change is a big decision though so you need to be certain it’s the right move for you before doing anything. Break It All Down Look... Read More →

Handling Workplace Stress

Published about 1 year ago by Mary Hendry
Sometimes when we’re overloaded with deadlines, meetings and work expectations, things can get too much. Stress is something we’ll all experience at some point during our lives but we don’t need to let it hinder our work. Here are our tips for handling stress in the workplace.... Read More →

Take Centre Stage With Video CVs

Published about 1 year ago by Mary Hendry
People looking for employment are becoming more innovative and original with their CVs, some of which are even turning to video to keep one step ahead of the competition. We always encourage our key candidates to create video CVs but it’s understandable that they don’t always ... Read More →

Top Tips for Motivating Your Staff

Published about 1 year ago by Mary Hendry
If you ever find that productivity is low or staff aren't working the way they used to, they may just need a little bit of motivation to get them going again. It's fairly simple to get your staff motivated; just pick a method that would work best for your business and the need... Read More →

Your Career Is Our Key Priority

Published about 1 year ago by Mary Hendry
We know that sometimes people may be tempted to pick a job for its enticing salary or myriad numbers of employee benefits. Yet when it comes to your career, it’s important that you pick the right job for you that will help you progress in the future. You may feel as though as ... Read More →

Break The Ice With Effective Icebreakers

Published about 1 year ago by Mary Hendry
It’s a fact that businesses couldn’t function if its employees couldn’t cooperate with one another. If you’re employees don’t get along, things could get more complicated down the road. That’s where icebreakers come in; allowing your employees to learn more about one another. ... Read More →

Top 3 Must Haves In Any Office

Published about 1 year ago by Mary Hendry
With full-time office workers logging 40hours in the office at least each week, the office effectively becomes another home where they eat, work and socially interact with their colleagues. So to make sure your employees are happy and productive in the office, there are some e... Read More →