4 Things You Should Look For On A CV When Hiring


Whilst recruiting, chances are you’ll have looked through piles of CVs, all mimicking each other in tone, content and purpose. So what should you look for in order to pick out the genuine talent from the manufactured templates?

Here are 4 points you should keep in mind when looking through CVs!

Have they met your requirements?

This may seem obvious but not all CVs will contain the talent you need. You’ll have specified the skills, experience and academic qualifications required in the job advertisement but they’ll still be CVs not detailing any of these requirements. Candidates may possess outstanding abilities but if these aren’t applicable to your business, there’s no point in considering them for the role. Going through a CV and ticking off what points a candidate has met is a great way of cherry-picking the most suitable applicants.

Of course, it’ll be difficult to find a perfect candidate even if you receive masses of applications. Even if they don’t meet every single requirement, don’t rule out the possibility of their suitability to the role.

Have they researched the business?

If a candidate has shown they’ve researched your business and then presented that knowledge throughout the CV, you’ve found a candidate that’s enthusiastic about working for your business. By delving into what your business entails, they not only show their enthusiasm, commitment and genuine interest, they’ll also be far more aware of your businesses activities and role in the industry. Furthermore, you’ll be able to identify if they’ve looked into your business if they’re using terminology that’s specific to the industry. A candidate that uses only general knowledge of the job role and industry is clearly not interested in your business.

A candidate that hasn’t even bothered to see what your business actually does might not be worth hiring and may not be worth bringing in for an interview.

Have they paid attention to detail?

Is the CV full of spelling and grammar mistakes? Have they left the names of mysterious other businesses in the copy? Chances are they’ve copied and pasted a CV from a previous job application which is a sign of laziness and lack of enthusiasm for your offered job role. A sloppy CV like this is could reflect on their work ethic if you eventually employ them; something that from a business standpoint may potentially be harmful to your business.


Have they shown their personality?


Most of this will be shown in the personal statement of their CV, detailing their interests and personal skills they can bring to your business. Look for enthusiasm as they detail their interests so you can find this passion during the interview stage; maybe even discovering if their detailed hobbies were genuine or fake. It’s easy enough to show that they’re suitable for the role but you need to see what they’re doing differently from everyone else. What personality traits will they bring to your business? Will these traits be beneficial? Will they get on with your current team?  These are all things to consider when looking at a candidates personality as these will ultimately dictate how they perform in the workplace.


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Published almost 3 years ago by Mary Hendry