Be Confident In Improving Employee Confidence


It’s understandable that employees may not feel confident in their abilities or may take a slight slip-up to the heart.

For the employee, it might be difficult for them to up their confidence so there’s no harm in helping them. Here’s how you can be confident in improving employee confidence!

Compliments Go A Long Way

This is probably the easiest way to improve an employee’s confidence in their work. Feedback is a great way to highlight an employee’s mistakes or areas where they can improve. Yet if there’re no positives amongst the negatives, this constructive criticism can slowly tear away at their confidence and leave them questioning their abilities.

It takes a few seconds to say ‘well done’ or even pick out a part of their work that particularly impressed you. The more they see the work they’re doing is making a difference, the more they’re confidence will improve.

Helping your employees become more confident falls hand in hand with improving employee motivation and productivity. Just make sure if it gets too much for the employee, holding back on negatives and focussing on all they’ve achieved is the way to go.

Knowledge Is Power

Whether you’ve taken on a nervous new employee or a current member of staff in need of a confidence boost, training opportunities could be the way to help them.

This is of course a method that won’t come cheap but will tackle two problems with one solution. Employee’s will feel more confident in their role and will be able to bring new knowledge and skills to the workplace; a win-win situation for the employee and the business!

Not feeling confident about work is a prime cause for workplace stress, which goes hand in hand with a drop of productivity; there’s no reason not to up your employee’s confidence!


Whatever methods you choose, your business and the attitude of your staff can only benefit from these actions.

Ongoing support throughout employment is necessary to help staff through the ups and downs they may encounter. That’s why we offer support to all our key candidates before and after employment. Why not see if we can find you your next employee?

Published 12 months ago by Mary Hendry