Our Service To Our Clients

We learn what you and your employees need to succeed, and find you the people to make it happen.

For us, recruitment is more than matching experience to a job description. What makes a truly successful employee is fulfilment in the work place. We will meet with you to learn about your business and the experience and behaviours that candidates will need to succeed.  When we know exactly what you need from a candidate, we will create a bespoke, rigorous search and selection process to present you with a short list. 

  • Free face to face consultation – We’re always happy to meet with you to discuss your businesses needs.​
  • Bespoke testing – We assess candidates competencies with a testing package selected from 150 tests, bespoke to your needs.
  • Rigorous consultation process – We meet all of our candidates face to face, learning not only about their career history to-date, but also exploring behaviours in the work place. We probe further into the historic career choices they have made, what environments suit them best and why, and what they are really looking for in their next career move.  
  • Video CVs – We have innovative video CV technology that allows you to more accurately shortlist candidates by seeing a short  video of them discussing their experience.
  • Psychometric assessments – We can deliver bespoke psychometric assessments to identify natural working strengths and potential limitations in your candidates.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed – We are confident in our process and have a robust rebate or replacement service in place.
  • Out of hours service – Our consultants are available outside of office hours to provide you with a seamless service.